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“Danzer offers different types of technical veneers in a wide variety of species. We also combine wood veneer with other materials like metal. Our proprietary production process gives customers far more choices than can be found elsewhere, so manufacturers and designers are able to create the differentiated products that get noticed. Customers benefit from the consistent availability, easy procurement and predictable economics of Danzer’s technical veneers.

Linea technical veneer exhibits a linear, rift-type look. Unlike producers of reconstituted or man-made veneers, we use only the respective species; we do not bleach or color to artificially imitate other species. 

Danzer Linea has – like all natural veneers – depth and light reflections from the wood grain.”

Danzer Vinterio technical veneer is made from hardwood lumber components and exhibits a solid, plank-effect look.”

”Danzer Vinterio Stratus is made from one wood species.”

“Danzer Vinterio Nimbus is made from two or more wood species.”

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Monarch Custom Plywood Inc. is a Danzer Linea & Vinterio Distributor.
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Jan 4 2021


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