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MonarchK&VQuality and innovation to keep you moving forward
Knape & Vogt is in the business of motion, making products that move, and move well. That means innovation, and most important, that means never standing still. That’s why we continuously introduce new products crafted to exacting standards with utmost attention to what our customers are looking for Jan. 15. 2018.

Tempo Dual Screen Monitor Arm ,

Altissimo-Prime Desktop Sit-Stand ,

Volante Desktop Sit-Stand Workstation ,

Aria Fixed Height Keyboard Arm ,

Next evolution in undermount slides: MuV+ and MuV+HD ,

8600/8650 150-lb.Class Drawer Slide ,

Home Solutions.

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Monarch Custom Plywood Inc.

8301 Keele St., Unit 2, Vaughan, ON, L4K 1Z6

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